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"Pilgrimage" Preview of 3 films by Hiroshi Sunairi from Hiroshi Sunairi on Vimeo.


Born in Hiroshima, Japan, 1972, Hiroshi Sunairi lives and works in New York. He is an artist and professor at the Art and Art Professions Department at NYU. Departing from the Western saying, "Elephants Never Forget," Sunairi's installation work, "A Night of Elephant" debuted in 2005, the 60th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima at Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art. His elephant sequel installation work was shown in the Japan Society in New York, entitled, "White Elephant" in 2007. "White Elephant" is a deconstructed life-size ceramic elephant. The motif of elephants not only a symbol of remembrance of tragic event, of 9.11 but also a shattered symbol of the sacred meaning of white elephant in Asia: peace, prosperity, and justice. Most recently, Sunairi's long-term project, Tree Project was shown at The Horticultural Society of New York in 2009-2010. In Tree Project, Sunairi gives seeds of the trees that survived the atomic bombing to people in the US and the world and documents the process of growth. Sunairi has exhibited with Andrew Kreps Gallery, New York, and LA Galerie Lothar Albrecht, Frankfurt, Galleri Wang, Oslo, Barbican Art Center, London, Galleria d'Arte Moderna, Bologna, Ursula-Blickle-Stiftung, Kraichtal, Germany and Rose Art Museum, Brandeis University.

CV Hiroshi Sunairi

1972 Born in Hiroshima, Japan
1990 Studied at Snow College in Ephraim, Utah
1991 Transferred to Western Washington University
1992 Transferred to State University of New York at Purchase, major in Visual Arts (B.F.A.)
1995 After the graduation, Moved to Manhattan to pursue being an artist
2001 Works as an adjunct-professor at New York University, Steinhardt Ed, Dept of Art and
to now Art Profession.

Solo Exhibitions

2009 "Tree Project," The Horticultural Society of New York, NYC, NY, USA
2005 “A Night of Elephants,” Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art, Japan
2001 “Buddha,” Andrew Kreps Gallery, NYC, USA
“Buddha,” Art Unlimited, Art/32/Basel, Switzerland
2000 “Early-Hiroshi,” L.A. Galerie, Frankfurt, Germany
“Big Bang Bang!” Galleri Wang, Oslo, Norway
1999 “Deception,” Andrew Kreps Gallery, NYC, USA

Museum Exhibitions

2010 "The Curse of Bigness," Queens Museum, NYC, USA
2007 “Project for a New American Century,”Rose Art Museum, Brandeis University, Massachusetts, USA
“Making a Home: Making a Home: Japanese Contemporary Artists in New York,” Japan Society, NYC, USA
2002 “Self exposure,” Kunst- en Architectuurgeschiedenis Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2001 “The Americans,” Barbican Art Center, London, England
“Queer Visualities,” Staller Center at Stony Brook University, USA
2000 “Vertigo,” Ursula-Blickle-Stiftung, Kraichtal, Germany
“Vertigo,” Voralberger Kunstverein, Bregenz, Austria
“Desire,” Ursula-Blickle-Stiftung, Kraichtal, Germany
“Desire,” Galleria d'Arte Moderna, Bologna, Italy

Group Exhibitions

2010 "O," Art Next Gallery, NYC, USA
“Margins,”curated by Judith Schwartz, Barney Building at New York University, NYC, USA
2009 "A DRY RUN," curated by Catherine Ahearn and Rebecca Kolsrud, Charlie Horse, NYC, USA
"THE DROP, Urban Art Infill: 2012+" Curated By Mie Iwatsuki and Alexandra Chang, NYC, USA
"Art at Straus," curated by Nancy Barton and Michael Cohen, The Joseph and Qwendolyn Straus Institute for the Advanced Study of Law & Justice, NYC, USA
“New Faculty Artwork,” Pless Hall, New York University, New York, NY
"The inaugural MIRACLE SHOW," curated by James Woodward, The Miracle Garden, NYC, USA
"Eat Clay or Die," curated by Michele Quan & Susannah Tisue, Greenwich House Pottery, NYC, USA
“The Yuko Sueta Benefit,” Participant Inc, New York, NY
“Visual AIDS: Postcards from the Edge,” ZeiherSmith Inc., NYC, USA
“Bailout Biennial” Golden Belt, Durham, NC, USA
2008 “The 3rd Blue Sky Project: An International Exhibition--Love, Blue Sky, and Peace” Gallery, Takada Library in Takada Park, Honjomachi, Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture, Japan
“International Contemporary Art Fair,” AVANTHAY CONTEMPORARY/Kunst Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland
“International Education Week photo exhibit: What is Home,” Kimmel Center Commuter Lounge at New York University, NYC, USA
“Visual AIDS: Postcards from the Edge,” Metro Pictures, NYC, USA
“The SAWCC second Annual Art Auction Benefit,” TamarindART Gallery, NYC,USA
“The Pless Hall Faculty Show” New York University, NYC, USA
“EMERGING WOR(L)D - Billboard Art” Tina B. - The Prague Contemporary Art Festival, Prague, Czech republic
“HeartWorks (Auction),” ICE BOX Project Space, Philadelphia, USA
“The Day of 39@rt ("thank you art"),” Contemporary Art Factory. FADs art space, Tokyo, Japan
“One of Something,”Barney Building at New York University, NYC, USA
“A Curator's Gift:Contemporary Photography from Diego Cortez ,”New Orleans Museum of Art, New Orleans, USA
“Silence in the Light,” Venetia Kapernekas Gallery, NYC, USA
“Sound of Music,” Commons Gallery at New York University, NYC, USA
2007 “Visual AIDS: Postcards from the Edge,” James Cohan Gallery, NYC, USA
“Hobby Horse - Yeah, Yeah Dada Asia”Avanthay Contemporary, Zurich, Switzerland
“White Wave/Asian Artworks, Inc. Benefit Silent Auction”Dance Theater Workshop, NYC, USA
“Blue Sky Project 2007,” Oshima Gallery, Jyoetsu City, Japan
“Neointegrity,” Derek Eller Gallery, NYC, USA
2006 “Visual AIDS: Postcards from the Edge,” Sikkema Jenkins & Co., NYC, USA
“Crossing The Atlantic…uneasy spaces, ”Goldsmiths College, London, England
“YDF,” Daikanyama Hillside Plaza, Tokyo, Japan
2005 “Atomika,” Lombard-Fried Fine Arts, NYC, USA
“Back to the Garden (epop),” Ruby falls, NYC, USA
2004 “Look Closereclectic drawing show by 22 artists,” About Glamour, NYC, USA
“Connect The Dots,” Columbia University, NYC, USA
“Works on Paper, ”Southfirst, Brooklyn, NYC, USA
2003 “Dubrow International,” Kravets/Wehby Gallery, NYC, USA
“Late to Work Everyday,” Depreau, Chicago, USA
2002 “Enough About Me,” Momenta Art, Brooklyn, USA
“State of the Gallery,” Andrew Kreps Gallery, NYC, USA
2000 “Artists Who Make Pieces,” Andrew Kreps Gallery, NYC, USA
“Collector's Choice,” Exit Art, NYC, USA
“Fuel Serve,” Kenny Schachter/Rove, NYC, USA
“Blondies and Brownies,” Aktionsforum Parterinsel, Munich, Germany
“The Nocturnal Dream Show,” Pat Hearn Gallery, NYC, USA
“High five,” Galerie Schedler, Zurich, Switzerland
1999 “Dope,” American Fine Art, NYC, USA
“Papermake,” Modern Art Inc., London, England
“120 Artists,” Sixth@Prince, NYC, USA
“Answer Yes, No, or Don't Know,” Andrew Kreps Gallery, NYC, USA
1997 “Giftland: Consumption,” Printed Matter, NYC, USA
“E Plurals Nihil,” American Fine Arts, NYC, USA
“Hey! You never know,” Kenny Schachter/Rove, NYC, USA
1996 “Romper Room,” Thread Waxing Space, NYC, USA
“100 Photographs,” American Fine Art, NYC, USA

Performance Works

2001 “Arse About Face,” Jack Tilton Gallery, NYC, USA
“I'd give you everything I've got for a little peace of mind,” Tonic, NYC, USA
2000 “Hymn a l'amore,” Greene Naftali, NYC, USA
“A Collaboration Piece with Jonathan Bepler,” Tonic, NYC, USA
1999 “Hanasaku-komich (with Jun Iseyama),” PS1, NYC, USA
“Early-Hiroshi - Tie Me Up,” Andrew Kreps Gallery, NYC, USA
“Early-Hiroshi and Green Apple Science,” Exit Art, NYC, USA
“Influenza/Green Apple Science,” Jack Tilton Gallery, NYC, USA
1998 “IT IS EARLY-HIROSHI,” Gavin Brown Enterprise, NYC, USA
“Early Talk,” Kenny Schachter/Rove, NYC, USA
“Open Early Hiroshi,” American Fine Arts, NYC, USA
1997 “Early-Hiroshi Poetry Reading,” Kenny Schachter/Rove, NYC, USA
“L'egoiste Narcissiste Torturous Constructivist,” Sahara Classic, NYC, USA
“The Missing Case of Justin Yamaguchi,” Hotel 17, NYC, USA
1996 “In Calvin,”Knitting Factory, NYC, USA
“L'egoiste Narcissiste,”Holly Solomon Gallery, NYC, USA
“In Hiroshi's Room,” Hotel 17, NYC, USA
1995 “Hiroshi Sunairi by Hiroshi Sunairi,” Thread Waxing Space, NYC, USA
1994 “A Legacy of Jackson Pollock,” S.U.N.Y. Purchase, White Plains, USA
“Made In Picasso,” S.U.N.Y. Purchase, White Plains, USA

Curatorial Work/lecture

2008 “Asian Contemporary Art Consortium 08: Artists in Conversation with Yuken Teruya,” New York University, NYC, USA
“Intuition, Material, and Elephant,”New York University, NYC, USA
2006 “Artist on Art,” presented by Rubin Museum of art and Art Asia Pacific, RMA, NYC, USA
“Portrait, Landscape, Photography Workshop,” at Nippon Club, NYC, USA
2005 “Peace By Piece 2005,” Old Bank of Japan at Hiroshima Branch, Hiroshima, Japan
“Peace By Piece 2005,” Desbrosses Gallery, NYC, USA
“Nuclear Disarmament and Arts Symposium,” New York University, NYC, USA
“Peace By Piece” Lecture at NPT conference Room B, the United Nation, NYC, USA
2004 “Let's Laugh At Stereotypes,” About Glamour Gallery, NYC, USA
“The Exhibition of Color Photography,” New York University, NYC, USA
“Peace By Piece,” The Living Museum at Creedmoor Psychiatric Center and NYU, Guild & Greyshkul, NYC, USA
2003 “Present A '03,” Guest Lecture, Tokyo Geidai University, Japan
“Boredom with Everyday Life,” SOUTHFIRST Gallery, NYC, USA
“University of Girls/T-shirt by female artists of NY” United Bamboo, Tokyo, Japan
2001 “The Young Americans,” New York University, NYC, USA
“Life Expectancy Music,” Tonic, NYC, USA
1998 “No Wave Music Festival,” 407 Gallery, NYC, USA
1997 “L'en - A performance festival,” Life, NYC, USA

Catalogues/published materials

2008 “EMERGING WOR(L)D - Billboard Art” Tina B. - The Prague Contemporary Art Festival, Prague, Czech republic
“THE LAST BOOK,”A Project by Luis Camnitzer, the National Library, Spain
2007 “Making a Home: Making a Home: Japanese Contemporary Artists in New York,” Japan Society, NYC, USA
“Neointegrity, the catalogue” Keith Mayerson/Derek Eller Gallery, USA
2006 “Crossing the Atlantic...uneasy spaces,” New York University, Steinhardt School of Ed, USA
2005 “Self-Exposure,” Rizzoli, USA
2003 “Present A Book (Present A '03 Document),” Tokyo Geidai University, Japan
2002 “Self exposure,” Kunst-en Architectuurgeschiedenis Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Netherlands
“Desire,” Peter Weirmeiyer, Germany/Italy
2001 “The Americans,” Barbican Art Center, London
“Vertigo,” Ursula Blickle Stiftung, Triton, Vienna, Austria
“Metronome: Bastard,” No.7 London, Paris, Oslo, Norway
“Art-Unilimited/Art/32/Basel/13-18,” Messed Basel, Germany
“New Nude,” Nerve.com, USA
1999 “Early-Hiroshi by Hiroshi Sunairi,” Nikon Sonderdruck #6, Vienna, Austria


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