ON megumi Akiyoshi 

Artist Statement
Painting, participatory installation, and performance are my fields of artwork. In these works, I represent ‘five petals blossom’ and ‘peony’ as buoyant symbol by painting them on any possible surface. These paintings turn into a large image on the floor, windows, or into interactive floor installation.
The five petals blossom, with its geniality, frequently appears in my work, symbolizes for me a continuous perpetuity from its scientific name, rotate (wheel-shaped) corolla, just like an eternally spinning hoop. The peony is my favored bloom with its confident expansiveness and myriad promise of figure, as if it could embrace anything in its presence.
Selected hues are usually a combination of vivid to pastel tones and a clear transparent.

Using all the elements above, my ambition is to draw attention to things forgotten. For example, I painted the entire wall surface, ceiling and floor, leaving the inside of the spotlighted golden frame white, resulting in the entire space treated fairly. I also installed flowery pagoda-outlined boards at the front garden of a 500 years old pagoda, evoking most of Buddhist architectures in Japan were originally richly colored, paying respect to its long-lasting history.

By offering visual voices and characters for overlooked aspects, I hope to contribute by creating whimsical yet balanced atmospheres at any given opportunity.

“Blooming Bubbles” Statement
ON megumi Akiyoshi created a series of paintings and sculptures called, "Blooming Bubbles". ON visualizes life circulating and flowing perpetually in this world and beyond. In this flux, spumes are born and disappear just like flowers open and lose their petals. "Blooming Bubbles" are the artist’s projection of our existence. We are all given a certain amount of time in one lifetime, during which, ON wishes full blossoming for all beings.

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