Sophie Matisse studied at the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, as well as at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, but her career as
a painter began in 1997 when she showed a painting called Be Back in Five Minutes in the vault of a bank in New York City. The painting
was a painted replica of Leonard da Vinci’s Mona Lisa with one noteworthy difference: she removed the female figure, La Jocconda, leaving
visible only a balustrade and the background landscape. The picture was followed by an entire series of pictures where figures and
animals—all living things—were removed from famous paintings (a series that later became known as the “removal series”). Her next series
involved interweaving well-known historical paintings in a zebra-stripe pattern with colorful images excised from notebooks that she kept
over the years (resulting in pictures that are now referred to as the “Zebra Stripes”). Her work has continued in a similar vein to this day, but
she has recently branched out to utilize vivid color patterns reminiscent of Matisse (her great-grandfather) on wine and perfume bottles,
which she is currently planning to execute on a grand scale in a series of monumental sculptures.




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