New York artist and artistic director of The New Blue Riders, Laurance Rassin continues to create a sumptuous and color filled

world, enveloping his audience in signature large scale impasto oil paintings, bronze sculptures, ceramics, tapestries, and textiles

in a way that is uniquely Rassin. Weaving an over-arching narrative with over 500 original works of art, Laurance interjects

humor to his whimsical characters and interior scenes allowing his fictional almost cinematic stories to unfold. With Laurance's

work, now featured regularly at Bonhams & Butterfields, 20th Century in Manhattan, he has shown not only auction house appeal,

but also terrific pop appeal.

His women's fashions continue to dazzle on the runways in Manhattan, Miami and London where a line of "wearable art" bearing his name, Laurance Rassin Signature, has been featured at Saks Fifth Avenue in select stores nationwide for Fall 08 and continues to be a great source of inspiration for Rassin's art during Spring and Fall '09 fashion weeks.

Rassin makes his art in a myriad forms seducing his audience into a world where art is not a back drop; it is the focal point of a room, office or gallery and in the case of his clothing line, a sexy runway.

Rassin grew up outside Washington, DC and Palm Beach, Fla. and graduated from American University with a Bachelor of Arts in 1991. Here he honed his visual, cinematic, musical and fine art talents.

He has fronted a rock band since the early 90's and presently recording a rock album with Doc Allison, James Brown's famed percussionist in the self titled, "New Blue Riders: Art Dreams"

"We are all part of something bigger, or least we hope so, whether it be an international art group or the next great idea in community service or charitable cause, this is what drives Rassin to paint, sculpt, make fashions and music with his blue rider rock band.
There is no stopping this true renaissance man, the future holds bright for Rassin and his riders.

"Laurance's work has the emotion of a Picasso and the eloquence of a Monet"
—Gene seidman, former creative director of Museum of Modern Art

"He has a direct way of expressing himself and is an exciting new talent"
—Alasdair Nichol, Sr. Vice President of fine paintings at Freeman's auction house

Laurance's work is full of artistic energy and color design; his work carries the torch well of the futurists, fauvists and the original blue riders, Anton S. Kandinsky




Spring 2009, Palm Beach
Traditional Runway

Fashion Week 2009, NYC
Rock 'n Roll Runway

                                        Palm Beach Art Magazine                                                                                                                      

                                      Spring 2009, Palm Beach                                                                                                                      
                             Traditional Runway                                                                                                                       



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