"O" By
ON megumi Akiyoshi
Akiyuki Ina
Hiroshi Sunairi

NEW YORK, 02/06/2010 - Art Next Gallery is pleased to announce a group exhibition, entitled “ ”. This exhibition will be held from March 3rd to 31st, 2010 at Art Next Gallery, located at 210 11th Avenue, New York, NY. Opening reception will be on March 5th, at 6-8pm.

This three person exhibition presents three different viewpoints/perspectives of a simple yet ambiguous notion in Japanese, “mawaru.” In English, “mawaru” means to turn around, spin, circulate or cycle, and to visit places. The theme of this exhibition spontaneously grew out of the common ground found in the works of three artists from Japan, living in New York, USA.

ON megumi Akiyoshi created a series of paintings and sculptures called, "Blooming Bubbles". ON visualizes life circulating and flowing perpetually in this world and beyond. In this flux, spumes are born and disappear just like flowers open and lose their petals. "Blooming Bubbles" are the artist’s projection of our existence. We are all given a certain amount of time in one lifetime, during which, ON wishes full blossoming for all beings.

In the series, "Zoological Specimen", Akiyuki Ina has created ‘resurrected’ stuffed animals, made of discarded clothing found on the streets of NY. These works are loosely based on animals that may become extinct in the near future. Though these are endearing creatures, by re-constructing them in such a way that the bones emerge from their bodies, Akiyuki imposes the horror of hybrid-transformation and deformation in the process of recycling materials. “Zoological Specimen" evokes a hazardous cycle of modernization, which often results in a fragile co-existence with nature.

Hiroshi Sunairi created a collection of video, photography and sculpture, entitled, "Pilgrimage," based on his trip to China in 2006, passing through Beijing (北京), Lijiang (丽江), Shangri-la (香格里拉), Deqin (德欽), Feilai si (飞来寺) and Yubeng village (雨崩村) in the Yunnan Province (雲南省), near the border of Tibet Autonomous Region. This journey, culminated in meeting a Tibetan Lama and making a pilgrimage to Yubeng's sacred waterfall at the foot of Meili Snow Mountain, Kawakarpo-la (梅里雪山). For Sunairi, this work is a documentation of the act of pilgrimage.

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秋好恩创造了一系列名为“盛开的泡沫”(Blooming Bubbles)的油画及雕塑作品。恩将生命在此世及此世之外的循环与永恒流转视觉化。在这种流转当中,泡沫的诞生与消失就好像花朵渐渐展开又慢慢失去它们的花瓣。“盛开的泡沫”投射了艺术家对我们自身存在的理解。我们仅有的一次生命中被给与了十分有限的时间,恩的作品中包含着她对每一个生命存在都能美丽绽放的希望。
在“动物标本”(Zoological Specimen)系列中,伊奈章之用被遗弃在纽约大街上的衣物创造了“复活的动物”。这些作品均选取了在可预见的未来极有可能消失的动物们。它们是处于危险中的动物,章之使用可循环材料,以骨头露出身体的方式将它们“复活”,强调了由于现代化造成的转型可能带来的恐怖效果。“动物标本”强调了现代化循环带来的危险,这个循环经常导致人类与自然的共存的弱化。