NEW YORK, 12/18/09 - Art Next Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of group artists entitled “Make Love Not War”. The exhibition will be held from January 12 to February 18 at Art Next Gallery, located at 210 11th Aver. Opening reception will be on January 14th, at 6-8pm.

"Make Love Not War" which was once a famous rock star, John Lennon singing in the sixties, was the most powerful appealing of the era, now 40 years later, the song echoes have not been disappeared, today, when we re-sing "Love ... (I want you to make love, not war, I know you've heard it before), we still be deeply impressed by the sixties, "Beat Generation" did not collapse, the ardent youth of that era shouted "peace, anti-war, love, equality," the slogan is still a topic of our times. The sixties, so full of idealism, the eternal spirit of the human yearning for peace, for love and equality between people care, which is today we still need to remain firm that we should uphold the conviction and the basic criteria.

[Make Love Not War], curated by David Rong, director of Art Next Gallery, five artists from New York, Boston, Chicago and Paris, They are: Robert Bery, Xiaoqing Ding, Moni Oolyonghai, Alexis Terzieff, Jon Neal Wallace. They will be a joint exhibition of paintings, photography, installations, sculptures and video art works, to express their concept about "War, Peace, Beauty and Love".

Art Next Gallery is dedicated to creating an East-West discourse by spotlighting the greatest artistic talents ascending across Asia and emerging here in New York. By featuring both emerging and established artists from Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo, New York and beyond, Art Next offers the Chelsea gallery community a unique confluence of cross-cultural vitality, shifting perspectives, and the newest voices of artistic identity. Art Next Gallery, located in the heart of Chelsea, functions as a gallery and event venue for artists, auctions, and various private events.
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“ Make Love Not War” 这曾经是著名摇滚歌星约翰.列农在六十年代唱响的那个时代最有力的呐喊,如今四十多年过去了,这首歌的历史回响并没有消失,今天当我们重新唱起“Love...(I want you to make love, not war, I know you’ve heard it before) ,深深感受到六十年代“垮掉的一代”并没有垮掉,那个时代美国热血青年所喊出的“和平、反战、博爱、平等”口号今天仍然是我们这个时代的主题,六十年代那充满理想主义的精神,对人类和平的永恒向往,对人与人之间爱与平等的关怀,今天将仍然是我们应当秉持的坚定信念和基本准则。
为此,纽约后世纪画廊即将隆重推出后世纪艺术系列第三回:[Make Love Not War],由后世纪画廊总监荣伟担任策展人,五位艺术家分别来自纽约、波士顿、芝加哥和巴黎,他们是;罗伯特.贝勒(Robert Bery), 丁小青(Xiaoqing Ding), 莫逆(Moni Oolyonghai), 阿力克斯.特兹夫(Alexis Terzieff),姜.尼尔.瓦乐思(Jon Neal Wallace),他们将联合展出绘画、摄影、装置、雕塑和影像作品,表达他们对“战争、和平、美丽和性爱”的理念。展览将从2010年的1月12日起到2月20日止,开幕酒会;2010年1月14日,6-8时,地点:纽约后世纪画廊 530 W 25th St. 3rd Fl. New York, NY 10001 电话:212-206-1668 详情可查询