Liug kuo-sung (liu guosong) was born in China’s Anhui province in 1932, though originally his family came from QingZhou, Shandong province .Liu moved to Taiwan in 1949. Having begun studying traditional Chinese painting at the age of 14 ,Liu turned to Western painting at the age of 14 ,liu turned to Western painting at the age of 20 .After he received his Bachelor’s degree from the art department of the National Taiwan Normal University in 1965,he immediately founded the“Fifth Moon Group”and lent his force to the modern art movement .Sensing that single-mindedly pursuing and imitating western modern art was going down the wrong path,and feeling the responsibility to extend and promote the vision of China Art .At the time. Liu also started the warning that “imitating the new does not displace the old ;copying western art is no better than copying Chinese masters.” He urges Chinese artisits to achieve individual styles through creativity in both thought and techninque .

Apart from painting and teaching ,Liu has been both a great Chinese art philosopher and art critic.He has published five books and many articles on both Chinese and western art and on the relations between “Heritage and Creativity”to share his view and experiences .To encourage Chinese artists to be more open with their minds and visions ,Liu gave the traditional “Brush and Ink” a new interpretation : “Brush” is the mark left by a brush moving across the surface of a painting ,and “ink”is the effect of inkwash on a painting .In modern language ,” “brush”is nothing but “dots and lines” and good “inkwork” is remarkable inkwash produced by its “colors and platform.” At the same time ,he also proposed “revolution of the centered tip”and “respected around the world ,and provide a new platform for artists to explore unimagined ways of making Chinese art . He inspired the metamorphosis of Chinese ink painting and has been described as someone who “prodded artists into rethink the calligraphy and revisiting ideas of spontaneity and chance in its execution: and his unconventional style is a significant aspect of contemporary art .” In 1998 at ‘A Century in Crisis:Modernity and Tradition in the Art of Twentieth Century China ,‘ The modern section of the Guggenheim Museum’s “5000 Years of Chinese Art ‘exhibition.Liu was the only Tainwanese artist featured among the panoply of painters .Therefore,he is often referred as “the father of modern Chinese art ” in Taiwan .In China Professor Lin Mu has name him”the Precursor of Modern Chinese Painting”
One-man Exhibitions

1965 Taiwan Arts Center,Taipei,Taiwan
1966 Laguna Beach Art Association Gallery,
Laguna Beach,CA,USA
1967 The Nelson Gallery of Art and Atkins Museum,Kansas,MO,USA
1968 Seattle Art Museum,Seattle,WA,USA The Taft Museum,Cincinnati,OH,USA
1969 The Contemporary Gallery of Fine Arts,Dallas,TX,USA
1970 Joslyn Art Museum,Omaha,NE,USA Museum für Ostasiatische Kunst,Köln,Germany
1971 Museum für Kunsthandwerk,Frankfurt,Germany The City Art Gallery,Bristol,England
1972 Brigham Young University,Provo,UT,USA
1973 The San Diego Fine Arts Gallery,San Diego,CA,USA
1975 Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center,CO,USA
1976 Ulrich Museum of Arts,Wichita,KS,USA
1977 Plymouth State College Art Gallery,Univ. of New Hampshire,Plymouth,NH,USA
1978 East & West Art Gallery, Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
1979 Museum für Kunsthandwerk,Frankfurt,Germany
1980 Ulrich Museum of Arts,Wichita,KS,USA Monterey Peninsula Museum of Art,Monterey,CA,USA
1981 UMC Fine Art Gallery,University of Colorado,Boulder,CO,USA
1982 Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art,Logan,UT,USA
1983 National Museum of Fine Arts,Beijing,China Jiangsu Provincial Art Museum,Nanjing,China
1984 Shanghai Art Association Gallery,Jinan,China
1985 Museum Luis de Camoes,Leal Senado de Macau
1987 National Painting Museum of Hunan Province,Changsha,Hunan,China
1989 Übersee-Museum,Bremen,Germany
1990 Taipei Fine Arts Museum,Taipei,Taiwan
1992 Taiwan Museum of Art,Taichung,Taiwan
1996 Museum of History,Taipei,Taiwan
1999 Dr.Sun Yet-Sen Museum Hall, Taipei,Taiwan
2002 National Museum,Beijing,China Shanghai Art Museum,Shanghai,China Guangdong Museum of Art,Guangzhou,China
2004 Hong Kong Museum of Art,Hong Kong Chan Liu Art Gallery,Taoyuan,Taiwan
2005 Singapore Tylor Print Institute,Singapore
2006 The West Lake Art Museum,Hangzhou,Zhejiang,China Exhibition Halls at Bureau of Cultural Affairs of Taoyuan County Government,Taiwan Hunan Provincial Museum,Changsha,China
2007 Wuyingdian of Palace Museum,Beijing,China



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