Hsiao Chin was born in Shanghai in 1935, son of Shanghai Conservatory's founder Hsiao You-Mei. Went to Taiwan in 1949, start to learn the modern art with Li Chun-Shen in 1952; 1956 founded the group Ton-Fan & went to Europe.
In 1961 founded the international art movement PUNTO in Milan, than in 1978 again founded another international art movement SURYA, also in Milan. Tought in Long Island University in N.Y., Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan, National Academies of Urbino, Turin & Milan, than last the National University of Fine Arts in Tainan. Had personal one-man-exhibitions & partecipating group exhibitions all over the world, and his works also been collected in more than 40 art museums around the world.
In 2005, was confered by the Italian President A. Ciampi the Knight's medal of "Star of Solidarity".
In 2006, exhibited in the Beijing's Chinese National Art Museum "Glory to the Source - Hsiao Chin 1955-2005" retrospective exhibition.

His work started from "observe the inner spirit", had influences from the thoughts of Tao & Ch'an, than to understand the relationship between human being & the Universe; exceeding the world's concept between East & West, and to prove the life strength in the Universe, to explain & to creat. 


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