Anton Kandinsky

Anton Skorubsky Kandinsky was born into a family of artists on May 30, 1960 in Crimea, Ukraine. Kandinsky studied at The Children’s Art School, the Crimean Specialized Art School in Simferopol in 1971-1975. He studied at the Simferopol Samokisha Art College in 1975-1979. The artist was a private art student of Yevsey Yevseyevich Moiseyenko in St. Petersburg, as well as at the Ukrainian Art Academy (Kyiv State Art Institute), where he studied at the Monumental Department, studio of V. Chekaniuk and M. Storozhenko in 1980-1986. Anton S. Kandinsky graduated from the Academy with a Masters of Fine Art degree in 1986 (also known as Chornobyl Year Graduation). In 1998 Kandinsky emigrated to the United States of America. The artist now lives and works in New York. In 2004 in New York, Kandinsky started the new art movement which he called “Gemism”. Anton S. Kandinsky is a great-grandson of a world known Russian Avant-Garde artist, Wassily Kandinsky.

Solo Exhibitions
2008 Meditation of Weapons, Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art, Chicago
2007 A Meditation of Weapons curated by Marc Ecko, New York City
2006 Big Money Likes Silence, Zorya Fine Art & Saxony South Beach, Greenwich, CT
2005 Gemism , Zorya Fine Art, Greenwich, CT
2004 Jewish Art Exhibition, Jewish Enrichment Center, New York
2003 Surrealistic Still Life and Portraits, The Ukrainian Institute of America, New York
2002 A.D. Gatto Gallery, Rhinebeck, NY
2002 Kandinsky & Kaufman Gallery in association with Ashley Gallery, New York
1998 Portrait of an Artist, The Mid Island Y Jewish Community Center, Plainview, NY

Group Exhibitions 

2008 Art Emigrants, Museum of Contemporary Ukrainian Art, Kiev
2008 Russian Contemporary Show, Han Ji Yun Contemporary Space, Beijing
2007 42nd Petroushka Ball, RCWS, The Waldorf Astoria, New York
2006 Global Festival , The United Nations Association of New York
2006 Icons of the 21st Century, The Lab Gallery, New York
2005 The Russian Nobility Association, New York
2005 Judaica in Manhattan, Kandinsky Place, New York
2005 Sunset Park Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2004 Academy of Muse, The Ukrainian Institute of America, New York
2004 The Terrapin Art Gallery, New York
2003 Wally Findlay Galleries International, New York
2002 Artyama Gallery, New York
2002 Absolute Muse, A Gallery, SoHo, New York
1998 Art Expo New York, Old Williamsburg Fine Art, New York
1995 Heidelberger Werkstattgalerie, Germany
1989 Art exhibit of Young Soviet artists, Manezh, Moscow
1987 Art exhibit organized by the Ministry of Culture of Bulgaria, Sophia
1986 Art exhibit organized by the Ministry of Culture of Hungary, Budapest
1986 Art exhibit of young Ukrainian artists, Kyiv, Ukraine