1977-78 Academy of Arts College San Francisco, California.
Academy of Arts Alumni
1977-1998-99-02 South Eastern Community College, Burlington, Iowa.
1993- Vermont College of Norwich University, Montpelier, Vt.
Scholarship for Excellence in the Arts.
01-04 Southeastern Community College, West Burlington, Iowa. Phi Theta Kappa
7-04 – 06 Union Institute and University, Cincinnati, Ohio Graduate from UI and U. with a BA Interdisciplinary degree, with and emphasis in art, creative writing, and science. Wrote a research paper entitled Directions: the Correlation between Art and Physics.

7- 06/ 08 Vermont College of the Union Institute and University, Montpelier, Vermont, MA creative studies, wrote a thesis paper entitled Light from Design, published Sept., 2008, UMI Publications. http://wallace__proquest_final_doc.pdf/ ProQuest

Workshop, figure drawing, 1991 – 98, Davenport Museum of Art, Western Illinois University, Iowa Wesleyan College, and the Art Guild of Burlington, Iowa.

Currently 2010 January 4th attending Goddard College (Plainfield, VT) MFA Creative Writing. Thesis novel For the Cause of Freedom

1984 Certificate of Merit Palm Beach Art Galleries Palm Beach, Florida
1984 Second Place Palm Beach Art galleries Around the World art show, New Orleans, LA.
1986 Chimerical Gregg Art Gallery, first place, second place, Los Angeles, California.
1998 Scholarship for Excellence in the Arts- Vermont College of Norwich University
1999- Award of Excellence International Artist Management, St. Petersburg, Florida.
2002 Landscape 2 Period Gallery Omaha, Nebraska.

Group shows
 Brave Destiny- Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, Brooklyn, New York. Artist who participated were Salvador Dali, HR. Giger-Alien creature, won two Oscars, Professor Ernest Fuch, Alex Grey, Kenny Scarf, Robert Venossa – Dune set design and covers for Santana, George Tooker, and Brigid Marlin, Michael Fuch, Terrance Lindall, Es- Tee and others.
 Diego Victoria Fine Art Gallery- Miami, Florida.
Group shows in 2004 -05,06
 Water exhibition: The Lauderdale House, London, England, Nov. 30th – Dec., 13th.
 Festival of Myth and Magic, Lauderdale House, London, England, May
 Obsidian Gallery show, London, England, May 27th – June 13th
 The Inner Eye, traveling show with the Society of Art of Imagination, June – August. Italy, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. Watering the Tree of Life shows at the Riva Museum in Trentino, Italy, September 2 -30th. Also at the Lofthouse Galerie, Rosshapten, Germany, Silos Galery, Tarifa, Spain.
 2006. May – December, European Tour:
 Tarifa Town Hall Andalucia, Spain,
 The Vezzano Gallery, Trentino, Italy
 Conference Centre Gallery in Neu – Isenberg, Frankfurt, Germany.
 Lofthouse Gallery, Rosshaupten, Germany
 HR Giger Museum and Art Gallery, St. Germaine Castle, Gruyeres, Switzerland.
1984- Pinnacle Gallery, Rochester, NY
 87- Ariel Gallery NY, NY. (Three group shows, June September, December).
 89 Surrealism 1950 and before Traveling exhibition of Dr. Yasuna collection that are surreal in content, Northeast USA.
 94 96 97 98 Eye of the Lizard, Vero Beach Florida
 99 IAM of St. Petersburg Florida Summer juried show.

1985 Edland Art Gallery Lacrosse Wisconsin

2002 Extreme Art show ( Freeform Spontaneity)