Ji Shengli

1967 – Born in Xining, Qinghai province
1989 – Graduated in Qinghai Pedagogic College
1991 – Yuan Ming Yuan art activities Beijing
2000 – Immigrate to Japan
2004 – Did artistic projects in New York, America
2005 – Settled down in Beijing, China

Single Exhibition:
1993 《…123…》(Center art institute display hall China Beijing)
1994 《…123…》(Canada embassy China Beijing)
1998 《…123…》(Brush and ink age gallery China Beijing)
1999 《…123…》(View scope gallery China Beijing)
2000 《…123…》(Jianguo Hotel China Beijing)
2001 《…123…》(Beiye Pocket art hall, Kobe)
《…123…》(Osaka government modern art center, Osaka, Japan)
2002 《…123…》(Aizhi government art and culture center, Nagoya, Japan)
2004 《…123…》(Kusematch Art Center Gallery, Okayama, Japan)
2005 《…123…》(Rain Gallery, 798 Art District, Beijing, China)
2006 《…123…》(Rain Gallery, 798 Art District, Beijing, China)
2007 《…123…》(Asian Contemporary Art Jakarta, Beijing, China)

Collectivity Exhibition:
1993 * China art Exposition (Guangzhou China)
1994 * China van painter Exhibition (Hong Kong)
1996 * Ji shengli & Zhang hongbo Exhibition (Capital Pedagogic College Exhibition Beijing China)
1998 * International Media Festival (Hungary)
1999 *《2001--1》International art and culture hall (Beijing)
2000 * Exhibition city Fugang 2000“Art Out” (Fugang)
2001 * 21century Renaissance Memory project (Kobe)
* The 6th Asia action art Exhibition (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagano, Nagoya)
* The 8th Liu jia Modern art outdoors Exhibition (Kobe)
2002 * The 9th Action art Festival NIPAF’02(Tokyo, Osaka, Nagano, Nagoya)
* Nagano International art Exhibition (Nagano, Japan)
* The 7th NIPAF Asia action art Exhibition 02(Tokyo, Osaka, Nagano, Nagoya)
* The 9th Liujia Modern art outdoor exhibition (Kobe)
* Lichuan International art festival 2002 (Tokyo, Japan)
* The 5th Prospective affection (Tokyo Law school exhibition hall)
2003 * The 10th Action art Festival NIPAF’03 (Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagano)
* Taiwan International Action Art festival (Taiwan)
* Sino Japanese Action Art Exchange exhibition (Xian, China)
* The 8th NIPAF’03 Asia Action Art Collectivity Exhibition (Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Nagano),
* Korea International Action Art Festival (Korea)
* Estonia International Action Art imagination Festival, documentary film festival (Estonia)
2004 * 30 June: Action Art Performance《I ♡NY, Buttocks-123》(ENHAN COHEN Gallery NY USA)
* July 04: “On the Edge” Exhibition (ENHAN COHEN Gallery NY USA)
* Feb 04 – Aug 04: Accomplish Action Art Works 《I ♡NY, Buttocks-123》 (New-York USA)
2005 * 23rd Feb: Performance《Buttocks -- 123》(Yang Shaobin Studio, Beijing)
* 4th May: Performance《Buttocks -- 123》(2nd Dashanzi Art Festival ,798 Art District, Beijing)
* 2nd July: Performance 《Beat my faces; give you chocolate》(Individual in Circle Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Songzhuang, Beijing)
* Nov: took part in《Inward Gazes --Documentaries of Chinese Performance Art》(Macao Museum of Art, Macao, China
2006 * Mar: Documentaries of Chinese Performance Art Exhibition, Finland
* May:《Beijing/Background》Danshanzi International Art Festival 2006 Performance 《Wine Feeling》“Soldiers at the Gate Architecture + Art Project 2006-2008”, Beijing
* Oct: NEW CHINESE OCCIDENTALISM Beijing Documentaries of Chinese Performance Art Exhibition, Toronto,Canada
* Nov: <Misalignments: Video & Performance Art Documents from the PRC> University of California, Berkeley Center for Chinese Studies
2007 * Apr: AWAKEN 2007 Chinese Contemporary Art Museum of Contemporary Art Shijiazhuang, Shijiazhuang, China
* Jun.: " Gluttous Jianghu" Chinese Inviting Performance Exhibition
* Jul.: China Under Construction: Contemporary Art from the People's Republic
* Sep.: The 8th OPEN Performance Art Festival, Beijing
* Nov.: The 3rd China-Japan Performance Art Exchange Project (Beijing 07') Beijing
2008 * Mar. :<China under Construction> Deborahcolton Gallery, Houston
* May: <The Converted-image> Dax art space 798 Beijing
* Jun.:<White Addiction> Double luck gallery 798 Beijing
2009 * Jan :<Incarnatns> Performance Art Photo Exhibition Paris-Beijing Photo Gallery 798 Beijing

Policemen, 2005
c-print, edition of 12